Kapacity.io wins Helen’s Industry Hack challenge

We won Helen Ltd’s Data Synergies for Managing Energy challenge. The challenge was organised by Industryhack. As Helen is one of the largest energy companies in Finland, we are honoured to be selected as Helen’s partner.

In the challenge, we wanted to understand how to engage end-users in heating-related issues – and to challenge the status quo that 21°C is a universally comfortable indoor temperature in Finland.

“What convinced me in Kapacity.io’s presentation was the idea itself. It was simple and based on scientific research. And also the team. I liked its energy”, says Tanja Kotro, Head of New Solutions at Helen. She was also one of the jury members.

Tuomas Teuri, Chief Digital Officer at Helen Ltd, said that “the winning team had the customer in focus. In their idea, the customer becomes more active in district heating
by sharing their own experience of the indoor conditions. By combining hard data with customer experience we in Helen could develop even better energy services. I look forward to our cooperation.

Now, we are beginning our co-operation with Helen. Stay tuned – there is more to come!

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