We are hiring!

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Join our growing team and build with us a sustainable built environment!

On top of a competitive compensation, including employee stock options, we offer you the chance to grow professionally and have the freedom to work the way you like. Your specific title, responsibilities and tasks will be negotiated based on your experience and own preferences.

The office language is English. We are happy to support you if you are interested in learning Finnish or any other new language. As we are recruiting for early employees, we do require that you are able to frequently work with the team at our Helsinki office. Remote work is possible on a regular basis, but we strongly believe that being present at the office helps build the company culture.

The company was founded to increase the use of renewable energy with less costs. Join our growing and ambitious team of diverse personalities and have a front-row seat in the upcoming energy transformation!

For more information or questions please contact us at jaakko@kapacity.io 

Read more at: https://thehub.io/jobs/61e5407514c6ea15c0b3a4e3

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