Kapacity.io demand response web calculator tool

How much revenue could a building generate when taking part in demand response? This is what our just-released beta version of the web calculator tool can answer.

Since the demand response and aggregation service offered by Kapacity.io is novel in the market, we had to find a way to serve the curiosity of our customers. We developed a full-stack web application that estimates the revenue potential a building with a heat pump could generate over a year. 

We made the application into a simple web-based, openly accessible analysis tool. The only things you need to know as inputs for the calculation are the building type, heated floor area and building location. We are working on adding more features and options to serve a wider range of customers as well as to improve the tool’s functionality.

This was one of the first publicly released full-stack applications released by me and getting (even) to this stage required climbing a steep learning curve. For me, as a PhD-cum-CTO I had to really step out of my mode of research-type working. I had to accept that I would not be able to build anything perfect but instead build a product that I, or anyone else for that matter, could develop further and build it better iteratively.

The tool is now released as a beta-version and we are open for feedback and ideas to improve it. Just send us an e-mail at hello@kapacity.io


Co-founder, CTO, engineer.

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