Making it count

ConceptionX Cohort III Rocket Award Winner was rewarded with the Rocket Award at ConceptionX demo day for our journey during the past nine months. What a ride it has been so far in the world of smart energy grids and decarbonisation. Thank you Sonja and Rami, my awesome co-founders, for all the future good times ahead!

A little over a year ago, we sat down with Sonja and Rami to discuss each one’s future aspirations. Fast forward to present: we founded a smart energy startup during a pandemic, are working with our first customers, closed funding and have developed completely new technology – while we relocated back to Helsinki. I’m proud to say that I am excited about our journey so far. 

We have experienced the ups and downs of growing an early stage startup in situations we didn’t even know it was possible to get ourselves into! We’ve had many long evenings and, more often than not, have found ourselves in uncharted waters. I don’t expect this to change anytime soon.

But at every moment of our journey we have been sure that our mission to decarbonise society matters. Now, we have to keep building on the momentum and push ourselves even further. That is why I’m happy to say that we have begun the search for talented and passionate individuals to achieve global decarbonisation together with us!

So yes, we are recruiting and are looking for more opportunities with agile companies within smart grids and building energy management.

We have been extremely lucky and privileged to be able to work on our own startup with such great people. We will make it count!


Jaakko Rauhala

Co-founder & CEO

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