Thoughts on winning the Conception-X Demo Day award

We were grateful to receive the Rocket award at Conception-X’s Demo Day. This post opens up some thoughts about the programme from Rami, our CTO.

Read the whole story at Conception-X’s news channel here!


Conception-X offered me the chance to learn a completely new set of skills to complement my research skills, the skills of venture-building. Being a long-term programme spanning nine months, rather than weeks, provided a great platform to develop from scratch to an operating startup that helps its customers to make buildings more energy-efficient and comfortable for people to be in. I especially appreciated the time taken to educate us scientists with the basics of founding and operating a startup.

This year while going through Conception-X, the society and us also went through a pandemic, which had its toll on delivery of the programme. The lack of physical contact cut down random interactions with other founders, but meanwhile, it also offered opportunities for venture-builders. In it was a chance to rethink ways of working, speak more to potential customers and focus on absorbing information and content from the Conception-X programme.

We are very humbled to have won the Rocket Award on Demo Day. For it was a signal that what we need to continue on the rapid growth trajectory, not for our own sake or the company itself but to help realise the vision we believe in, which is a society that emits less carbon and is more sustainable. What I have taken away as a person from Conception-X has been to not shy away from challenge and adversity but to rather face them with an open mind, and meanwhile help others around you to have a little bit easier time when facing those same challenges.



Co-founder & CTO

CTO Rami with our new office plant Bob.
Rami with our new office plant Bob.

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