Kapacity.io works with Fingrid on an EU-funded project

Kapacity team

Jaakko Rauhala, Kapacity.io’s CEO, was interviewed for Finnish TSO Fingrid’s customer magazine at the beginning of the year. Below are excerpts from the article. Original writing by Katariina Krabbe.

Property-specific demand response

A cost-efficient flexibility market plays an important role in keeping the power system in balance as the advent of fluctuating renewable generation causes power generation to be spread across various parts and voltage levels on the network. Local distribution network companies would also act as players in the flexibility market. INTERRFACE is an EU-funded project under Horizon 2020 that aims to build the architecture of a European flexible electricity market. There are 42 companies from 16 countries involved. Fingrid has focused on a four – year project to develop and test an information system that ensures that  coordination between transmission and distribution system operators is consistent.

Kapacity.io joined the project through an open funding round. “We focus on what’s happening in an individual property”, says Jaakko Rauhala. “When we get up to speed, we could divert up to thousands of properties from single-family homes to shopping malls in Finland. It is developing to work with Fingrid. There is huge potential in the transformation of the energy market and the development of information networks. Proof of concepts help us understand how services should be designed to make it easy for our customers to get involved.”

Read the original article in Fingrid’s customer magazine 1/2022 here (in Finnish): https://www.fingrid.fi/sivut/ajankohtaista/julkaisut/asiakaslehti/#arkisto-2022

More information about INTERRFACE: http://interrface.eu/

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