Job opening: Automation engineer

Kapacity io heat pump optimisation. is a venture backed early-stage energy optimisation company building the future of smart energy grids. Our software controls electricity consumption in buildings based on energy prices, renewable energy availability and power grid congestion. An integral part of our work is our capability to integrate into Building Automation Systems.

We’re hiring an Automation Engineer to join as an integral part of our growing tech team. We’re searching for a person with a curious mindset and with skills in designing, developing and operating Building Automation Systems and software. But above all else, we’re looking for a person with a builder mindset and a deep passion for creating amazing products.

You are a problem-solver and a team-player with some essential skills, as set out below. 

Essential skills and experience:

  • Strong experience with design, implementation or installation of complex building automation projects and systems (Trend, Siemens, Schneider, Niagara, Fidelix, Johnson etc.)
  • Working independently and taking initiative to solve difficult & complex problems
  • Ambition to build great products.

Expectations & responsibilities:

We expect you to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field or similar level of education through work experience. You will also be expected to contribute to product development and in wider scope to the future of the company. Your main responsibilities will be related to improving our technical customer onboarding process and developing our capabilities with third party automation systems.

In addition, experience in one or more of the following areas would be considered beneficial:

  • Knowledge of applying control and automation theory in practice
  • Software development experience in at least one Object-oriented language (Python, C++, Golang etc.)

On top of competitive compensation, including employee stock options, we offer you the chance to grow professionally and have the freedom to work the way you like. Your specific title, responsibilities and tasks will be negotiated based on your experience and own preferences.

The office language is English. We are happy to support you if you are interested in learning Finnish or any other new language. As we are recruiting for early employees, we do require that you are able to frequently work with the team at our Helsinki office. Remote work is possible on a regular basis, but we strongly believe that being present at the office helps build the company culture.

The company was founded to increase the use of renewable energy with less costs. Join our growing and ambitious team of diverse personalities and have a front-row seat in the upcoming energy transformation!

Please check out our The Hub job opening:

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +358 45 783 40447

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