Kapacity.io pilots predictive control in households

Kapacity innovation pilot Sitra

Kapacity.io is piloting predictive control of household heat pumps in Sitra’s project.

Currently, Kapacity.io’s smart heat pump control has only been available to real estate investors and other large property owners. As such, Kapacity.io’s existing control logic is also suitable for controlling ground source and air-to-water heat pumps of household customers. Rising energy costs have also made household customers interested in the smart heat pump controls.

The control developed by Kapacity.io enhances the heat pump’s use of electricity and controls the heat pump’s consumption based on the price of electricity, lowering the cost of using electricity. The service can be offered for heat pump models for which the heat pump manufacturer offers a remote control environment.

More information about Sitra’s pilot (in Finnish): https://www.sitra.fi/uutiset/energiansaastoa-helpottavia-mobiilisovelluksia-ilmanvaihdon-tehostamista-ja-aurinkopaneelien-optimointia-sitra-on-valinnut-kahdeksan-pilottihanketta-joilla-taklataan-energiahaasteita/

We actively cooperate with heat pump manufacturers to bring an easy-to-use service that saves energy and electricity costs in households. If you want to hear about digital control services, contact hello@kapacity.io.

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