Building Emissions Control controls your electricity consumption based on the CO2-intensity of the power grid to reduce your actual emissions. Available in the UK and Finland.

The CO2-intensity in the electricity grid varies from time to time as renewable energy generation is dependent on weather. This results in periods of higher, and lower, CO2-emissions from power production.

By connecting to the service, your energy consumption is automatically shifted toward hours with high renewable energy share. We connect to electric heating and cooling devices, such as heat pumps, solar PV’s, batteries and EV charging.

How Do I Benefit?

Take the first steps to 24/7 carbon-free energy consumption, or in other words, ensure that your electricity demand is met with clean energy every hour of every day.

Service Pricing

Available in the UK and Finland.

Weekly Data Reports

  • Weekly digital report
  • Overview of your building's CO2 emissions
  • Analytics on CO2 intensity
  • Continuous service on minimising effective CO2 emissions

Integration and Optimisation

Advanced Beta
  • Optimised electricity consumption profiles
  • Advanced monitoring of emissions and consumption
  • Works in combination with Smart Heat Pump Control
  • Continuous service on minimising effective CO2 emissions

Case Study

Save up to 15% in actual CO2 emissions – without any hardware installations.

Based on estimations, optimising heat pump electricity consumption can reduce annual CO2 emissions by up to 15% in a building in the UK. Electricity consumption was optimised based on a forecast of power production emissions, weather forecasts and energy demand in the building.

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