We reduce energy costs in buildings

We provide energy optimisation and demand response services for buildings.

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Why Kapacity.io

Our mission is to create a 100% renewable society through sustainable buildings

Our platform helps you avoid expensive and emissions intensive electricity usage. We control your building in real time so that you save on expenses while feeling comfortable indoors.



Create Comfortable Indoor Environments

Our Services

Reduce your energy costs and emissions with our Load Balancing services.

control consumption by time of use

Smart Heat Pump Control

Avoid peak electricity prices and save on your building’s electricity bill by signing up for our smart heat pump control service.

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CO2 Intensity Control

We control you buildings effective CO2 emissions so that you can achieve 24/7 clean energy consumption in your building.

How It Works

Our software connects remotely to buildings through building management systems to adjust HVAC energy consumption in real time. Participants in the service receive compensation, which means you are actually getting paid to reduce your emissions.


We integrate your HVAC systems and electricity meters into our cloud software. We do this either through your building management system or by developing a custom solution.


Our system gathers real-time data from your building so you can monitor how your assets are performing.


Our software uses optimisation and machine learning to control your HVAC systems so you get the benefits of demand response without losing on efficiency or indoor air quality.


As part of our service, we send you the revenue generated from participating in demand response.

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