Smart Heat Pump Control for Building Owners

Save on your building’s electricity bill by signing up for a smart control service for your heat pump. 

Save up to 15% in electricity distribution costs with night time control and peak load management. Currently available in Finland only.

With the smart heat pump control service, your building’s energy consumption is shifted to avoid high electricity prices.

Meanwhile, your building is connected to a growing network of buildings that help support the stability of the electricity grid. You can directly support transition to renewable energy.

How Do I Benefit?

Service Pricing

Enroll your building on our Private Beta service for a limited number of buildings. 

Smart building control

For enterprises.
on request
  • Distribution operator’s night tariff control
  • Distribution operator’s peak power and load control
  • Solar panel production control​
  • Spot market control
  • Fingrid's load balancing programme

Calculate Your Savings

Calculations are based on Caruna Oy’s distribution tariff.

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Up to 4000m²
smart grid services for buildings

How Does It Work?

Our control platform integrates with your building management system, heat pump, or solar inverter – and controls them in real time so that you can benefit from cheaper electricity. 

We are working to constantly expand our partner network. Don’t you see your system on the list? Our in-house automation team can look into your situation on a case-by-case basis too.

Systems we can connect to:

Heat Pump


Solar Inverters


Building Automation


How Do I Get Started?

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Benefit from Smart Controls

You’ll receive frequent reports on how much you save in electricity costs.

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Case Example:


Smart heat pump control at multi-family residential buildings with ground source heat pumps

“In line with the Y-Foundation’s strategy, we aim to significantly reduce CO2 emissions during this decade, and heat pump solutions are part of this development. With Kapacity’s innovative control service, we can participate in the smart grid with our properties. With the help of Kapacity, we aim for a 25% reduction in energy costs in heat pump-heated properties.”

-Perttu Miettinen, HVAC engineer

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