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Would you like to know how much revenue your heat pump could generate from demand response? Try out our Web Calculator!

Web calculator FAQs

What is demand  side management of electricity?

Demand-side management of electricity is shifting electricity consumption to time periods when electricity is abundant and cheap. Electricity consumption varies during the day and sometimes peaks significantly higher from the baseload. Shifting can help keep electricity prices down, optimize the physical grid performance overall, and help us integrate more renewable electricity supply into the power grid while displacing more fossil fuels. In order to operate effectively, transmission system operators maintain specific flexibility marketplaces where flexible electricity assets are rewarded for shifting consumption.

What benefits can I gain?

Building owners are empowered to participate in balancing the electricity grid and receive revenue of it. Simultaneously, building owners are part of enabling more variable renewable energy sources to enter the system and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

What kind of building assets are suitable for demand flexibility?

Kapacity.io connects and optimises various ground- and air-water heat pumps. Ideally, the heat pumps are already connected to the internet via the heat pump provider’s web tool. Alternatively, we can help you with it.

How does the tool work?

The web demo calculates for Finnish weather conditions the flexibility potential of heat pump heated buildings. Select your building characteristics from the drop-down menu and receive an estimation of the annual net revenue from connecting your building to the market.

Why heat pumps?

As space heating and how water demand are the largest energy consumption assets, it is a fairly good estimation of the real flexibility potential of the building.

Forget about shifting loads with you coffee machine – we can shift much larger loads without you noticing it!

Why is this only for Finland?

One needs to start from somewhere, right? If you want to have your country in the tool, suggest it on our feedback form!

What does Kapacity.io do?

Kapacity.io has created an AI tool to improve energy efficiency in the built environment and automate it based on occupants’ needs.