Kapacity.io Cloud for Smart Heat Pump Control

Your heat pump is easily the single biggest energy-user in your home. Automatically heat your building with the cheapest and cleanest electricity with Kapacity.io Control.

Buildings emit 40% of global CO2 emissions.

Benefits for Heat Pump Owners

Enjoy the benefits of reduced energy costs and emissions.

Smart city with renewable energy and cozy homes.

Save money in your energy bills

Reduce energy consumption with predictive weather control

Track your HVAC cost and energy consumption in real time

Reduce emissions in electricity consumption with CO2 tracking and optimization

Easy integrations between different device manufacturers

For both residential and commercial buildings

Centralized dashboard for monitoring all installed devices

Connection over the cloud via API - No additional hardware required

Connect data from different manufacturer devices into a single platform

Gain insights about fleet level device performance

Looking to provide smart heat pump controls and demand response features to your customers? Get in touch and we’ll upgrade your entire fleet to Kapacity.io Cloud.

Benefits for Installers

Gain real time insights from your heat pump fleet.

Buildings emit 40% of global CO2 emissions.

How it works

Kapacity.io works with leading heat pump providers, property managers and utility companies to leverage the power of aggregated energy devices.

Connect Remotely

No additional devices needed. Connect your devices remotely to Kapacity.io Cloud.

Optimized for your Building

Kapacity.io algorithm optimizes control for the nuances of your building.

Save Electricity

Kapacity.io algorithm uses real-time weather forecasts to adjust your system for maximum electricity efficiency.

Kapacity.io Cloud - save energy and the environment with smart home controls.

Avoid High Electricity Prices

The platform automatically tracks time-of-use and day-ahead market prices 24/7 and shifts your electricity consumption to moments of low prices.

Participate in Load Balancing Programs

Gain additional income by allowing your electricity consumption to be limited at the request of a utility company.
(Available in selected markets only)

Monitor and Analyze Device Fleet

Monitor and analyze your buildings and devices performance in one view regardless of the device manufacturer.

Connect your heat pump to Kapacity.io Cloud today!




Kapacity.io Cloud - save energy and the environment with smart home controls.
For installers and asset managers


Subscription for B2B customers.

What’s included
  • Everything in Standard
  • Fleet Management
  • Priority access to new features
  • Custom Promocodes for your customers
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Connect your heating and cooling system in minutes

Kapacity.io works with dozens of devices. No need for extra hardware.

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Arise Health logoThe Paak logoThe Paak logoKapacity.io integrates automatically to internet-connected ecobee heat pumps.
Kapacity.io integrates automatically to internet-connected Google Nest smart thermostats.
Kapacity.io integrates automatically to internet-connected tado smart thermostats.
See full list

Meet our customers

"70-vuotias rintamamiestalomme Helsingin Puistolassa vie huomattavan paljon lämmitysenergiaa talvikuukausina. Kapacity.io:n pörssisähkö ohjauksen avulla olemme onnistuneet säästämään 15% Mitsubishi vesi-ilmalämpöpumpun sähkökustannuksissa. Olemme erittäin tyytyväisiä näihin tuloksiin ja odotamme innolla, miten voimme parantaa energiatehokkuutta entisestään integroimalla aurinkopaneeliohjauksen järjestelmään."

Lasse Mäki
Puistola, Helsinki

“We are committed to developing new sustainable services that extend beyond the boundaries of Asuntosäätiö and benefit society as a whole.”

Teemu Jalomäki
Real Estate Manager, Asuntosäätiö

"Kapacity.io's demand response service was extremely easy to get started with as electricity prices peaked during the winter 2022/2023. We are extremely satisfied with the results and are expanding the use of the service."

Tuomas Helin
Environmental Manager, KEVA

"Kapacity.io takes bold actions towards a more sustainable built environment by providing load balancing services for buildings. NIBE S-series heat pumps support the service."

Markus Olander
Product Manager, NIBE Energy Systems

“Our collaboration was born out of a shared vision: to create a service that empowers households to take control of their energy usage without compromising on comfort”

Veli-Matti Hautakoski
CEO, LämpöYkkönen


Want to read more?

Explore our Knowledge Base

What is demand response?

Demand response means adjusting electricity consumption based on an external price or control signal. For example, power grid operators have to keep the supply and demand of power equal every second, otherwise the power grid risks severe failure.
As a consumer of electricity, you can support the power grid by allowing Kapacity.io to shift your buildings energy consumption away from moments of high energy demand. Kapacity.io taps existing demand response mechanisms and thus creates an additional revenue stream for your building.

How does the Kapacity.io platform help me save on energy costs?

Kapacity.io Smart Heat Pump Optimization service employs machine learning and predictive control technologies to intelligently optimize heating and cooling setpoints. By analyzing building behavior and incorporating real-time weather forecasts, our platform cuts overheating and cooling and thus makes the system more efficient. As a result, users can anticipate potential savings of up to 25% on their energy costs.

What devices can be connected to the platform?

The Kapacity.io Cloud platform is designed for versatility, allowing you to connect a variety of devices. You can easily integrate heat pumps, and smart thermostats into the platform. For a comprehensive list of compatible devices, please refer to our 'Add Devices' section on the Kapacity.io Cloud platform. If you do not find your specific device listed, don't hesitate to get in touch with Kapacity.io. We'll be happy to explore possibilities and determine how we can assist you in integrating your device effectively.

Is Kapacity.io Cloud available for heat pump owners?

Yes, it is! Both homeowners and residential and commercial building owners enjoy savings with Kapacity.io Cloud. You can also reach out to your heat pump installer or utility company in case of additional reward programs.

Hey manufacturer, installer and energy company! Partner with us.

Are you a manufacturer, installer or a utility company looking to offer smart control and demand response to your customers?

Reach out to us and we’ll get your fleet connected to Kapacity.io Cloud in no time!

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