Kapacity.io - We make heat pumps smart

Kapacity.io is building the future of smart power grids with a cloud based demand response platform.

Kapacity.io - we make heat pumps smart.
Smart city with renewable energy and cozy homes.

Mission: 100% decarbonized electricity grids.

Kapacity.io was founded by Sonja, Rami and Jaakko with the mission to enable a 100% decarbonized electricity grids. We set out with a vision to connect every heat pump into a single platform, or Virtual Power Plant. We believe that leveraging the power of millions of devices by centrally adjusting their consumption will result in cost reductions, a decrease in grid emissions, and the prevention of rolling blackouts.

To reach global climate goals, it is vital that our power systems transition to renewable electricity as quickly as possible. Helping power grids absorb more renewable energy is a core principle which guides our work at  Kapacity.io work every day. We are proud that every device connected to our platform brings the world closer to this goal.

Our amazing team includes passionate product professionals, ambitious energy experts and experienced software engineers from diverse backgrounds. Kapacity.io is based in Helsinki, Finland, the country with the largest share of heat pumps per capita in the world.

Electrification will dramatically change the way we consume energy

Electrification of everything is expected to triple global electricity demand by 2050. Without new and smart ways of consuming energy, we won’t be able to reach global climate goals, and renewable energy transformation won’t be completed.

Kapacity.io - we make heat pumps smart.

Renewable electricity transformation is already changing how power grids function

Wind and solar power will dominate production in the near term, completely transforming our power supply. High dependency on weather conditions will define how much power is available hourly. Consumers who are able to adjust to volatile prices and power supply will be the winners of the renewable world.

Our values

At Kapacity.io, we believe the foundation of every exceptional journey begins with strong values. Our commitment to these principles defines the way we operate and serve our customers every day.

Be trustworthy

We work consistently. Others can trust our work and word. Do more good than harm.

Create Solutions

We believe in being part of the solution, not the problem.

Embrace Curiosity

We take ownership of our own growth. We help others around us grow and improve by providing feedback, being open to challenges and new ideas.

Take Ownership

We take ownership of our own work beyond our immediate responsibilities.

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