Make your heat pump smart

Heat pumps are the single biggest energy consuming assets at home. Make it count.

Buildings emit 40% of global CO2 emissions.

Save energy, money and emissions with your heat pump

Automatically shift your heat pump’s energy consumption to the cheapest and cleanest electricity available.

Predictive weather based control enables your heat pump to save energy continuously learns about the property's heating needs and optimizes control  without compromising indoor air conditions

Price based control enables you to save money

Track consumption and savings - we make heat pumps smart.

Save up to 25 % on your heat pump energy costs

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Kind words from our long-time customers

“We are committed to developing new sustainable services that extend beyond the boundaries of Asuntosäätiö and benefit society as a whole.”

Teemu Jalomäki
Real Estate Manager, Asuntosäätiö

"'s demand response service was extremely easy to get started with as electricity prices peaked during the winter 2022/2023. We are extremely satisfied with the results and are expanding the use of the service."

Tuomas Helin
Environmental Manager, KEVA

" takes bold actions towards a more sustainable built environment by providing load balancing services for buildings. NIBE S-series heat pumps support the service."

Markus Olander
Product Manager, NIBE Energy Systems

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For one air-to-air heat pump


What’s included
  • Control of one air-to-air heat pump
  • Electricity price optimization
  • Energy optimization based on weather
  • Customer support
  • 30-day Free trial
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Up to 20% OFF on Yearly plans

For one air-to-air heat pump


What’s included
  • Control of one air-to-air heat pump
  • Price based optimization
  • Predictive weather based optimization
  • Customer support
  • 30-day Free trial
Start free trial - we make heat pumps smart.

Get connected within minutes

Find out which heat pumps, electric panels and smart thermostats are compatible with Get connected, save money, and support climate action today!

Heat Homes, Cool the Planet

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