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What is demand response?

Demand response means adjusting electricity consumption based on an external price or control signal. For example, power grid operators have to keep the supply and demand of power equal every second, otherwise the power grid risks severe failure.
As a consumer of electricity, you can support the power grid by allowing to shift your buildings energy consumption away from moments of high energy demand. taps existing demand response mechanisms and thus creates an additional revenue stream for your building.

How does this platform help save on energy costs? Smart Heat Pump Optimization service employs machine learning and predictive control technologies to intelligently optimize heating and cooling setpoints. By analyzing building behavior and incorporating real-time weather forecasts, our platform cuts overheating and cooling and thus makes the system more efficient. As a result, users can anticipate potential savings of up to 25% on their energy costs.

What devices can be connected to the platform?

The Cloud platform is designed for versatility, allowing you to connect a variety of devices. You can easily integrate heat pumps, and smart thermostats into the platform. For a comprehensive list of compatible devices, please refer to our 'Add Devices' section on the Cloud platform. If you do not find your specific device listed, don't hesitate to get in touch with We'll be happy to explore possibilities and determine how we can assist you in integrating your device effectively.

Can I add my heat pump to Cloud?

Check which heat pumps can be added to Cloud here.

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