Kapacity.io integrates automatically to internet-connected Novelan heat pumps.

Novelan integration

Get connected in minutes. Find out which Novelan devices are compatible with the Kapacity.io Cloud. You only need a compatible, internet-connected heat pump to get started.

MyUplink is the software solution for connecting and controlling Novelan WiFi-connected products. Kapacity.io is partnering with myUplink to provide extended services for Novelan heat pump owners

Supported models

myUplink works directly with Kapacity.io
Jabbah series
LADV series
LAD series
LAVS series
LAV series
LA 16.1HV series
LA series
LSplit series
LAP series
LICV series
LIV series
Polaris series
LI 16.1H/V series
LI series
LSplit series
WSV series
SICV series
SIC series
SI series
SIP series

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How to connect your Novelan heat pump to Kapacity.io

Kapacity.io now supports integration with Novelan through the myUplink platform.

To connect your heat pump to Kapacity.io Cloud, follow these steps:

1) Update your heat pump's software to the latest version.
2) Confirm that the device is connected to WiFi and linked to your Novelan myUplink account.
3) Register for Kapacity.io Cloud and add your device. Use the same myUplink username that you have set up in your myUplink account to complete this process.

Get myUplink here: