Kapacity.io integrates automatically to internet-connected LG heat pumps.

LG integration

Get connected in minutes. Find out which LG devices are compatible with the Kapacity.io Cloud. You only need a compatible, internet-connected heat pump to get started.

Kapacity.io LG integration is currently limited, allowing us to access only a few data points from your heat pump. Therefore, not all data points are shown in Kapacity.io Cloud. Please check your device's warranty terms to ensure compliance when signing up.

Supported models

R32 Hydrosplit Hydro Box
R32 Hydrosplit IWT
R32 Monobloc S (1 Fan)
R32 Monobloc S (2 Fan)
R32 Split 4/6 kW Hydro Box
R32 Split 5/7/9 kW Hydro Box
R32 Split 4/6 kW IWT
R32 Split 5/7/9 kW IWT
R410A Split Hydro Box
High Temperature

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How to connect your LG heat pump to Kapacity.io

Kapacity.io now supports integration with LG devices through the LG ThinkQ platform.

To connect your heat pump to Kapacity.io Cloud, follow these steps:

1) Update your heat pump's software to the latest version and connected to the internet.
2) Confirm that the device is connected to WiFi and linked to your LG ThinQ account.
3) Register for Kapacity.io Cloud and add your device. Use the same ThinQ username that you have set up in your ThinQ account to complete this process.

Get ThinQ here: